Tent City, USA: Full Documentary

Tent City, USA is a KGW investigative project that explores who Portland’s homeless tent campers are and what led to the proliferation of tent camps across the city. Tent City, USA was reported and produced by KGW’s investigative team. For more stories and survey results, go to http://www.tentcitypdx.com 

American Story: Tent City USA. A homeless community faces eviction from the land they are occupying

RT Documentary
Published on Jul 18, 2014SUBSCRIBE 550KMore films about the USA: https://rtd.rt.com/tags/usa/ Like most Americans, Steve had a home, a good job and a hobby—helping homeless people. Now Steve is the minister of ‘Tent City’, and his home is a little tent in the woods of New Jersey. All sorts of people live in this community. Some are homeless because they lost their jobs. Others are employed, but still couldn’t afford to keep their homes. Nevertheless, they haven’t lost their hope for a better future. They’re fighting to protect ‘Tent City’ against the local government that wants to demolish it. Find out more about those living on the poverty line with RT.

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