U.S. Issues Nuclear Ultimatum to Russia

The Trump administration and NATO appear to agree on a new strategy to contain Moscow’s new nuclear ambitions.

Pompeo issued the threat in Brussels shortly after NATO foreign ministers released a statementconfirming Russia’s violations of the Cold War-era Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty, specifically its development of a ground-launched cruise missile Moscow calls the 9M729.

“The United States is declaring that Russia’s ongoing violation of the INF Treaty constitutes a material breach of the treaty. As a consequence of Russia’s material breach, the United States will suspend its obligations under the treaty effective in 60 days from Dec. 4 unless Russia returns to full and verifiable compliance,” according to a State Department statement. “Russia must return to full and verifiable compliance; Russia’s failure to do so will result in the demise of the INF Treaty. We should be clear that Russia has not shown any indications that it seeks to return to compliance.”


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Russia has repeatedly rejected that it has disobeyed the terms of the treaty, first by denying the existence of such missiles and later saying its range was compliant with the agreement. It has also criticized the U.S. for what it considers provocative behavior in Europe.

Read more here: http://bit.ly/2AV3I6v

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