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Summary Business Plan

A. Our aspiration and strategy

Can’t tell you this yet!  is based in Bly, Oregon, United States and operates in the community services sector.

B. The sector we operate in and how we make money

We looked at our customer/client base and pinpointed some key aspects that we find related to our projected customer/client base.
Our research covers the following questions:
1. Who are our projected target customers/clients?
2. What are our customers/clients key attributes?
3. What resonates with our customers/clients?
4. Will our customers/clients have customers/clients that they are trying to impress? If so how will our services enrich and improve our customers/clients product/services?

After doing our initial research this is what we found. When asking our first question, we found our projected customer/client base to be multi-faceted. Our customers/clients will be derived out of our life coaching and social impact services. Our customers/clients base will range from various social backgrounds. We will have customers/clients derive out of our Can’t say right now. educational platform seeking to better themselves through unique hands-on outreach learning opportunities that will, in turn, help the community. We will also find customers/clients in our advertising and affiliate marketing program. Ultimately reaching a larger customer/client base by targeting web-based services and products. We found our customers/clients to potentially hold the following key attributes. Our customers/clients are individuals who want to empower themselves and to be able to contribute to making a better society for all. Our customers/clients want to educate themselves to achieve a more productive lifestyle. We also see our customers/clients being more community minded, helping others to achieve their life goals while maintaining economic prosperity in our community and allowing them to provide quality products and services. Then we looked at what would resonate with our customer/client base. What we found is that our customers/clients would find empowerment through learning life skills for personal growth and learning to become productive in their community development skills. Next, we looked at whether or not our customers/clients would have customers/clients that they would be trying to impress through working with us. We find that some of our customers/clients will depend on our services to be able to identify areas to improve their business and grow their customer/client base.

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